Every bad guy who appeared in the original Spyro the Dragon continuity. Visit the index here for other characters from the same canon. The main villain of Spyro the Dragon. A powerful, brutish gnorc, he was banished from the Dragon Kingdom and allowed to reign free over the dragon dumping grounds, which became known as Gnasty's World. A dragon calls him simple, non-threatening, and ugly in a TV interview, causing Gnasty to retaliate by cast a spell to trap every dragon in crystal, as well as turn stolen treasure into warriors.

Gnasty's spell misses Spyro, who immediately sets out to torch his tush. The boss of Artisans.

spyro villains

Toasty is a large, pumpkin-headed scarecrow wielding a scythe. He's actually just a sheep in disguise that sided with Gnasty Gnorc.

The boss of Magic Crafters. A tornado-based creature created by Gnasty Gnorc to lead the other Weather Wizards guarding the homeworld against Spyro. The boss of Beast Makers. A large robot dwelling inside a swamp temple, energized by electric pylons found throughout the level. The boss of Dream Weavers. A misshapen jack-in-the-box creature residing over a lava-filled land of nightmares. One of the many enemies in the Dragon Realms, these lightning-fast enemies are well known for stealing items Spyro needs to proceed such as dragon eggs, keys and gems, forcing him to chase them down.

The eponymous villain of Ripto's Rage! He, Crush, and Gulp are accidentally summoned to Avalar by Hunter's misuse of the Professor's superportal. Ripto takes a shine to the place because there are "no dragons" and sets about making trouble and trying to take over, so Spyro is brought in to stop him.

Following this, he becomes Spyro's most frequent enemyappearing in numerous games afterward. One of Ripto's minions alongside Gulp. He wields a large club and is ostensibly the less intelligent minion. One of Ripto's minions alongside Crush. He serves as Ripto's mount and right-hand man, being more intelligent than Crush. A ferocious yeti that invaded the Colossus temples one day, forcing the monks to bring him food to avoid his wrath.

He later returned in Year of the Dragonwhere a misunderstanding between him and Bartholomew leads into a boxing match between him and Bentley. The main villain of Year Of The Dragon.The Sorcerer is the main antagonist of Spyro: Shadow Legacy. He is an evil wyvern disguided as a dragon who is responsible for causing the Calamity that drained most of the magic from the world.

While Spyro began the task of freeing the people from the Shadow Realm, the Sorcerer randomly appeared during Spyro's travels and teleported away when he draws near. After Spyro saved everyone in the Realms, he confronted the Sorcerer, who offered Spyro to join him. Spyro refused, and the Sorcerer retreats into his castle to engage him in battle. At the start of the battle, the Sorcerer transformed into an enormous dragon but was ultimately defeated.

The Sorcerer escaped, and was said to be building up power for his next attack. The Sorcerer wears a black robe with a hood that covers most of his features. He seems to be an anthropomorphic purple dragon wielding a magic sceptre. While transformed into a large dragon, he possesses four wings, red spikes and horns, and a design on his tail-spike resembling his black gold scepter with a ruby gem attached to the top of it.

Ranking the Spyro Trilogy

The Sorcerer considers only himself as a "true" dragon and superior to Spyro and the other dragons, whom he claims are not true dragons. Possibly throughout the Spyro universe, was quite a sadistic and dark villain who wanted everything to go the way that he plans, not caring about the consequences even if it involved torturing children until they are magic is drained out of them. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Contents [ show ]. The Sorcerer in his disguise as "The Stranger".

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An unmasked Sorcerer with his hood removed. The Sorcerer's true form as a Wyvern. Character model of the Sorcerer's dragon form in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. Categories :.This is the complete list of all the Skylanders characters every released. There is currently Skylanders that have been released.

spyro villains

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Coloring Pages. View by Game. View by Type. View by Element. Complete List of Skylanders Characters This is the complete list of all the Skylanders characters every released.

Astroblast Light SuperChargers. Bash Earth Spyro. Bash Legendary Earth Spyro - Legendary. Bash Earth Giants. Bop Earth Trap Team. Bat Spin Undead Trap Team. Blackout Dark Trap Team.

Blades Air Trap Team. Blast Zone Fire Swap Force. Blastermind Magic Trap Team. Boom Jet Air Swap Force. Boomer Tech Spyro. Silver Boomer Tech Spyro - Silver. Bouncer Tech Giants - Giant. Bumble Blast Life Swap Force. Bushwhack Life Trap Team.

Camo Life Spyro. Chill Water Giants. Blizzard Chill Water Swap Force. Chop Chop Undead Spyro.Spyro is the titular main character and protagonist of the Spyro video game series, including The Legend of Spyroand a major character in the Skylanders series, first appearing in Spyro the Dragon in Spyro is a young purple male dragon.

He is known for his ability to defeat enemies by breathing fire and charging at them, and his ability to glide to otherwise unreachable areas in the game world. Spyro is often accompanied by his best friend Sparx, a dragonfly.

Spyro was designed and created by Charles Zembillas for Insomniac Gamesthe developers of the first three games in the series. The character has endured in popular culture as a mascot of the PlayStation video game console alongside Crash Bandicoothaving appeared in several games together with him.

Both characters were owned by Universal Studiosunder the former video game division Universal Interactive and have since become an intellectual property of Activisionthrough the merger between Vivendi Universal Games and Activision to create Activision Blizzard. After developing DisruptorInsomniac president Ted Price contacted Zembillas to design a playable dragon character for a video game.

Zembillas had previously designed Crash for Naughty Dogwhose offices were just across the hall from Insomniac's at Universal Interactive Studios. Spyro was originally named "Pete" and colored green during development, but the name was dropped to avoid infringing on the trademark Pete's Dragonwhich was owned by The Walt Disney Company.

His color was changed to purple so as to avoid blending in with any grassy areas. Spyro was given the ability to glide infinitely to give him "something he could do that no other platformer could", making the game's worlds significantly larger and providing more incentive for exploration. Price claimed in an interview that Insomniac stopped developing Spyro games after Spyro: Year of the Dragon because Spyro could not hold anything in his hands and therefore his actions were limited.

He is very brash, being eager to defeat the game's villain, Gnasty Gnorc. In Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! In The Legend of Spyrowhich takes place in a different continuitySpyro was raised by dragonflies alongside Sparx after his egg was lost during an attempt to destroy his brood. He comes from a rare line of purple dragons, who are able to physically harness the power of the four classical elements. Here, Spyro is described as willing to help his friends and strangers with whatever problems they may have, without desire for reward.

Spyro is adventurous, curious about his past, and eager to shape his future, in which he is expected to become something of a chieftain. Spyro also has an evil alter ego known as " Dark Spyro ", who is stoic, ruthless, and animalistic, and manifests when Spyro is consumed by the " Dark Aether ", a force born from negative energies.

In the Skylanders franchise, Spyro is described as strong-willed and young at heart, but has a headstrong and arrogant attitude. Much as in The Legend of Spyrohe comes from a rare line of purple dragons in a faraway land few have ever traveled, and his adventures and heroics were chronicled by the "Portal Masters of Old".

He was eventually invited to join the Skylanders by Master Eon and now lives in Skylands, remaining as one of its most valued protectors. Spyro and Sparx have been best friends ever since they were still in eggs. Sparx follows Spyro and acts as his health indicator, and helps him collect treasure scattered throughout the game world. If Sparx disappears, Spyro will be left vulnerable, but Spyro can replenish Sparx by finding butterflies for him to eat, which are usually acquired by attacking smaller animals such as sheep.

spyro villains

Spyro generally respects the other dragons, but is impatient with more senior ones and often tries to leave as they are talking. In Ripto's Rage!Dark Spyro is a major antagonist in Season 3 of Skylanders Academy. He is a dark version of Spyro corrupted by Strykorewho absorbed Spyro's light energy and consumed him with darkness. He is also Spyro's Arch-Nemesis. He is voiced by Jason Ritterwhile his good counterpart is voiced by Justin Long.

Dark Spyro is a despicable creature, liar, ruthless, maniacal, devious and without remorse who thinks only of one thing: To be evil. Like Spyro, Dark Spyro makes some pretty mediocre jokes with the same arrogance but he does not have his kindness or heroism. When he returned to the Skylanders, Dark Spyro puts on a false friendly facade to avoid suspicion. He is shown to be irritated if he does not know where he is or if he is pestered by Team Spyro or other characters, not even tolerating their chatter.

However, Dark Spyro was not completely heartless. After spending time with the Team Spyro, he ended up really considering them as his friends and family just as before his corruption.

This was especially shown when he chose to rescue Eruptor rather than open the Wumpan Puzzle Box and was remorseful for nearly bribing Stealth Elf, whom he later saved from the corrupted Kaossandra, which shows that even if he lost his light, there was still some good in him. It finally disillusioned Dark Spyro from evil, refusing to even do it when he could and preferred to have fun and enjoy life.

When Stealth Elf discovered the truth about him, Dark Spyro argued that he had really changed, even refusing to obey Strykore without fear. Unfortunately, Strykore was still able to restore all the evil of the dragon, however, the goodness of Dark Spyro was able to briefly retake the control, preventing him from harming Stealth Elf before definitively succumbed to darkness.

At the end of Touch of EvilDark Spyro was born after Strykore absorbed Spyro's light energy, turning the Skylander into a creature fueled with darkness. When asked what he feels about the Skylanders, Dark Spyro declares his former teammates as his enemies. Dark Spyro looks at himself in the mirror and cheers that being evil is awesome just before being interrupted by Kaos who does not like the black dragon making his home in the castle.

Spyro is then summoned by Strykore who informs him that for the destruction of the Core of Light they first have to find the Iron Fist of Arkus whose location is known only by the Skylanders King Pen.

Dark Spyro and Kaos manage with difficulty to capture King Pen and bring him back to their master who learns from the mouth of the Skylander penguin that only Eon knows the location of the island of Argus. Strykore then decides to send Dark Spyro as a spy to the Skylanders Academy to find out where the island is, before the Skylanders arrive to free King Pen but Spyro manages to hide from them. Later at the academy, Dark Spyro appears suddenly in front of his "friends" and asks them if he misses them.

Dark Spyro convinces the Skylanders that his fight against Malefor changed his appearance and his voice because of the stress. Apart from Stealth Elf who remains a little suspicious, all the others end up believing in his false story. Once they are all out of his room, Dark Spyro accidentally discovers that he can control the technology with his new powers but while he benefits, Strykore interrupts it by astral projection to find out where he is with the localitation of the island.

Coverage is cut short when Eruptor arrives to catch news of Dark Spyro. Knowing that he can now control the technology, Dark Spyro bewitches a video of Eon's favorite music group so that once he's watching it he can not help telling the truth, to find out where the island. Unfortunately, his plan does not work out as he would have liked because all the academy is infected and start fighting because of their pleasant truth, while Eon is too preoccupied by their behavior to watch the video trapped.

Understanding that Eon does not look at her as long as everyone is fighting, Dark Spyro tries to calm them down, only for the Skylanders and other affected inhabitants to direct their criticism on the dragon.

Under the influence of anger, Dark Spyro releases a violent electric discharge that frees others from his spell but damages Eon's phone.The Sorceressalso known as the " Queen of the Forgotten Worlds ", is a sinister dinosaur-like witch who rules the long-lost Forgotten Worlds as its queen, and she is the main antagonist of the third Spyro the Dragon videogame Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

She proves to be one of Spyro's most powerful and wicked foes ever faced. However, she had no idea at the time that the dragons themselves were the very source of the magic in the former Dragon Kingdom, including her own magic as well. And so everything and everyone in the newly named Forgotten Worlds ended up paying the price by having their magical powers slowly draining away within each passing year. This was especially hazardous for the Sorceress, who needed magic in order to stay alive.

At some point, the Sorceress met a young anthropomorphic rabbit named Bianca, who she agreed to take under her wing as her apprentice. Despite all the abuse she suffers under her teacher, Bianca was still eager to learn what the Sorceress had to teach and willing to carry out her orders. In order to restore the depleting magic, the Sorceress ordered Bianca and several Rhynocs to invade the Dragon Worlds and steal all of their eggs. After congratulating Bianca for her success, the Sorceress commands her guard the tunnel to the Dragon Kingdom to prevent anyone from coming through.

She then also commanded her minions to hide the eggs all across the Forgotten Worlds and deal with anyone who tries to take them back. For malicious reasons, the Sorceress also allowed the Rhynocs to rampage across the land, terrorizing its inhabitants and imprisoning anyone that should dare to resist. She even captured certain individuals who have proven to be quite troublesome, such as Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt.

Byrd, Bentley the Yeti, and Agent 9. She also employed the greedy bear, Moneybags to keep guard over them until their execution time. When she learned that Spyro and his friends, Hunter and Sparx had arrived to take the eggs back, she ordered Bianca to get rid of them.

spyro villains

After she had failed to scare them off, the Sorceress scolds her for her failiure and gives her a spellbook that would allow her to create a monster to eliminate Spyro. Though disturbed by her teacher's murderous intent, Bianca follows her orders and transforms one of the Rhynocs into a toad-like monster named Buzz.

Unfortunately, Bianca's creature failed to defeat the young dragon, causing the Sorceress to scold her again, but even more harshly. Having lost faith in her apprentice, she decides take matters into her own hands. When Bianca questions if stealing the eggs was really the right solution to their problem, the Sorceress reminds her that if unless Dragons are returned to the Forgotten Worlds, all the magic in it will eventually die out, including the Sorceress herself and Bianca's dream of becoming a sorceress as well.

She then demonstrates her own evil magic by transforming another Rhynoc into Spikea large satyr-like monster with a raygun. After Spike was defeated too and Spyro continued to collect eggs, she finally becomes fed up and declared she would create the most powerful monster of all and have it kill all the Dragons, including the newborns. When Bianca questions this, the Sorceress reveals she had no intention of allowing the dragons live in the first place; she only wanted their wings so she could create a spell that would grant her immortality.

Shocked by this revelation, Bianca finally sees her teacher for the vile monster she really was and leaves in disgust.

Scorch (Spyro)

Disappointed in her former apprentice, the Sorceress vows to deal with her after dealing with Spyro, and so she uses an unwilling Rhynoc to create her ultimate monster; Scorcha gargoyle-like creature that can spit out eggs which spawn other creatures, though he was defeated as well.

After collecting enough eggs, Spyro was finally able to face the tyrannical Sorceress herself, who was immune to his regular attacks. But thanks to some powerful munitions provided by Agent 9, the young dragon was able to hurt the Sorceress, and seemingly killed her when she fell into the lava moat of her own arenarevealing the th egg which was wedged in her scepter and left.

But the wicked queen escapes from the lava within her castle arena and takes refuge in the Super Bonus Round, a secret castle in the high peaks of a snowy island where she hid a large stash of all of the treasure in the Forgotten Worlds. But Spyro finds her again, and after an intense hover platform fight, she is sent flying into pink acid, killing her for good.

One year after her defeat, a balloon in the shape of the Sorceress appeared in the party where the baby dragons get their dragonflies. The Sorceress balloon scared Hunter, but Spyro explained that it is just a float, and called Hunter a "scaredy-cat".

The Sorceress' Wand. Her most infamous ability is her own self-longevity. She was able to use her magic to keep herself alive for a thousand years, and even survive falling in a pit of lava the first time, but was unable to revive herself after falling into a pond of acid. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki.Scorch is a monstrous winged beast and a boss in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. He is a transformed Rhynoc, who was "created" by the Sorceress in order to execute all enemies and destroy all monsters. The Sorceress then decided to turn one of her Rhynocs into a murderous monster in order to kill Spyro. Two Rhynocs were nearby, keeping an eye out on the captured Agent 9, and one of them pushed his cowardly comrade, Scorch, towards their queen.

Scorch was turned into a horrific bat-like monster by the Sorceress, who was sent to a pit to execute Spyro. When he arrived, Bentley showed up to aid Spyro in beating Scorch. Working together, the dragon and the yeti defeated the beast and sent him tumbling into a pool of lava, killing him.

Dark Spyro

Scorch, after being turned into a bat-like winged beast by the Sorceress, was given certain magical abilities used in dispatching her enemies and any creature that stands in its way.

Scorch can create a magic force field surrounding to protect himself when in flight or on ground but only for a limited time, which leaves him open for projectile attacks. And last but not least, Scorch can create red dinosaur eggs and throw them on the ground.

When the eggs hatched and open, small swarms of weaker monsters wake up and attack. They include crabs which are easy to defeat, bombers who can be outrun or flamed and sentient fire-bombs which must be outrun. Sometimes one of these eggs brings back a resurrected Buzz as he attacks. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I'm going to create a monster to end all monsters! And I'm going to send it out to destroy all the dragons, even the little hatchlings! Yes, yes! Oh yes, smear them, and smoosh them, and crack them, and crease them!

The Sorceress plans to use this monster to destroy every iota of her opposition, beginning with the two of us. Alas, there is no time for ruminating. A battle awaits us. I will endeavor to assist you by means of a steady provision of combustible projectiles. Contents [ show ].